Bear Komplex Speed Grips – My Own Experience

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Speed grips help reduce the load on an athlete’s wrists and prevent tearing. There are plenty of speed grips on the market. Some of them are long-lasting and comfortable, while others might rip up after a week of intense workouts. You are probably here because of the popularity of Bear Komplex grips and want to know more before buying a pair.

Bear Komplex grips are comfortable and long-lasting. They use the best materials for all their products. You also get to choose from a wide range of speed grips. Two-hole, three-hole, or no hole, it doesn’t matter what you choose; you can find them at Bear Komplex.

I’ve been using the Komplex grips for a while now. I used other brands in the past, and I find the latest of their speed grips are better in comparison. In this article, I will share everything I know about speed grips and my experience after using Bear Komplex. I’ll also go over what you need to look for while buying them. So, let’s get right to it.

Are Bear Komplex Grips Good?

Crossfit grips are one of the most essential safety items for a CrossFitter. Any decent Crossfitter knows the value of good hand grips. Bear Komplex stands among the top brands when it comes to hand grips.

Their products are designed for performance without sacrificing comfort. An average Crossfitter goes through a few pairs of hand grips each year, depending on their training intensity. Bear complex grips can last years of high-intensity workouts.

Bear Komplex doesn’t merely boast high durability; they also provide a wide selection of grip types and materials. I particularly like the carbon grips over leather. Carbon grips are lighter and thinner. They offer better movement options, in my opinion.

Bear Komplex is an amazing start-up company that offers excellent quality products. The quality of all the hand grips is exceptionally good. Their products do not tear easily. You will get a perfect grip and protection from their products.

I have tried multiple other brands before. Some brands tend to work well, while others become useless in a few months. Cheaper brands tend to provide bad quality grips and that’s no surprise. At one point, I had problems with RMUs, as that caused my skin to tear.

In the End, Bear Komplex is a top tier brand because:

  • They use high-quality genuine leather. The quality of other materials such as carbon and rubber are also exceptional.
  • Good product design helps utilize the materials to their fullest expect. Custom wrist straps and accurate measurements allow everyone to have a perfect hit.
  • Durable stitches and high-quality linings help the grips handle far more pressure than regular speed grips. They use double-layer stitches to ensure maximum strength.
  • The materials provide excellent resistance. The grip doesn’t slip easily with Bear Komplex speed grips. Bear Komplex also provides special Carbon grips that can work without chalk.
  • The craftsmanship is excellent. They use multiple layers of threading and pay attention to detail.
  • Many manufacturers neglect the wrists of the hand grips, but not Bear Komplex. They pay extra attention to the Wrists to make them as comfortable as possible.

Importance Of Quality Grips in CrossFit

Why do people use hand grips in the first place? Any decent gymnast will answer that they do it for protection. Daily cross fitting places a tremendous amount of strain on the hands. And continuous workouts can damage the hands in various ways. That is why quality grips are important.

Low-quality hand grips do not offer sufficient support and protection against the grind. It can be detrimental for the delicate hands and wrists to use unfitting products. Sometimes, badly designed hand grips can impair one’s hand movement. Here are the primary reasons why a top tier handgrip is crucial for maximum gain:

Protection Against Rips and Blisters

The main reason why people use grips is for protection. The human hands are delicate, and high-intensity CrossFit training can severely damage them. CrossFit gymnasts are quite familiar with rips. It’s the tear around the skin between fingers.  Grips are primarily there to prevent these rips.

There are different kinds of rips. They don’t have any specific size, and they can happen any time you are careless during training. Rips can also cause irritating blisters. Skin tears are also fairly common. These injuries can take a long time to heal, and you won’t be able to exert your full strength during that period.

Guarding against these injuries is crucial for every athlete, as it directly correlates to their training schedule. CrossFit grips are excellent accessories that stand between an athlete’s hand and the gym equipment. I’m sure you understand the value of a top-tier Bear Komplex grip from a gymnast’s perspective.

Performance Boost

Injury prevention is the primary reason for using CrossFit grips. The secondary reason is natural performance enhancement. CrossFit grips increase grip security on almost every piece of equipment that has a bar. It makes grabbing barbells, rings, hoops, etc. much easier.

A more secure grip naturally leads to better control and stability. In addition, the pressure on the wrists and palms is reduced by a lot. So, a person can spend a lot more time on the equipment without getting tired.

  • Better Form: CrossFitting with grips help establish better form than being empty-handed. It is much better than using chalk and gloves.

Grips are more lightweight compared to gloves, and they offer better grip security compared to powder. The best part is, you can superimpose the powder on speed grips to increase your performance further.

  • No slipping on Sweat: Sweaty palm is another crucial factor. It directly relates to safety and stability. Sweaty palms can make you slip on hanging bars and rings. Most speed grips come with moisture-absorbing properties, so it helps prevent such awkward situations.

Now, any old speed grip won’t offer you this much utility and performance. You need something top tier, something with exceptional quality. Bear Komplex fits the bill in many ways, but you could try looking at other prominent brands too.

I have used a pair of Bear Komplex Carbon grips for a few years. And they worked fabulously. The durability of their handgrip is excellent. I eventually had to switch them out for a new pair after years of use.

How To Pick the Right Grips For You?

Now that you know why top-quality grips are important, it’s time to pick one for yourself. But there are many types of grips on the market. Heck, even Komplex has many variants with different materials. But don't worry, I will give you all the information you need to pick the most suitable grip for you.

You need to check quite a few things before you buy a pair of hand grips. A wrong grip may make your experience with CrossFit much harder than it needs to be. With that in mind, here is the list of things you need to keep in mind while buying hand grips:

Grip type

The first thing you need to decide is what type of handgrip you want. CrossFit hand grips come in three types. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Strictly speaking, the type does not affect the performance that much. But it is better to pick the right one according to your personal preference. The three types of hand grips are:

Three-hole grips: Three holed grips, as the name suggests, have three holes for fingers. These are the grips with the largest coverage. The manufacturers generally make the side a bit wider than the two-hole variant.

I am not a big fan of the 3 holed hand grips. My hands are slightly narrower than regular folks, and the added width sticks out. But my gym buddies prefer the 3 holes because of the added coverage. It is always better to get the most amount of coverage you can get.

Two-hole Grips: Two-holed grips only cover the middle and ring fingers. The sides are trimmed to match the width of the two fingers, so the grip does not cover the entire palm. Most people can do fine with just the base of their palm covered.

Contrary to popular belief, you will not get calloused fingers if the side stays exposed. So, don’t let that stop you from getting a slimmer grip.

Two-hole hand grips protect the palm from the bars even with the reduced width. So you don’t need to worry about missing out on anything. Two-hole grips are better for beginners. It helps get used to the feel of the bar faster.

Holeless Grips: The last variant is the ones with no holes. I was not sure about these at first but a coach let me try his and I was instantly hooked. The no hole grips work better than the ones with holes.

The difference between these and the ones with holes is purely a matter of convenience. With these on, you won’t have to get your fingers through the hole during an intense workout session.

The no-hole grips are far more efficient compared to other types. I will discuss that soon in the latter part of this article.

Size and Fitting

Every piece of equipment needs to fit well to allow you to exert maximum effectiveness. That is true for hand grips too. You need to be particularly careful about the measurements of these things because a wrong size will feel extremely awkward.

One of the cool things about Bear Komplex is that their packaging is literally a grip sizer:

Bear Komplex Grip Sizer on Packaging
Bear Komplex Grip Sizer on Packaging

Most brands have different measurement systems. So pay attention to the description before ordering anything. Most standard brands will tell you how you should take your measurements to avoid any errors.

Generally, you need to measure from the base of your middle finger to the wrist lines. Keep everything as straight as possible while measuring. If you can’t find a size that fits perfectly, get one size bigger.


Now comes the hard part of choosing between different materials. Most athletes will say genuine leather is the best quality option, but that isn’t the case these days. Non-leather hand grips perform just as well if you get them from a decent brand.

You can choose between polyester, latex, leather, and carbon. It ends up being a personal choice.

  • Carbon Fiber: For me, I generally stick to carbon. Carbon grips are slimmer and lighter than leather. But that does not affect its ability to protect my palm, so I don’t particularly mind the thin texture.
  • Leather: The leather feels more comfortable, but also heavier. The sweat on leather is also a bit annoying. But all in all, I would say leather and carbon are the best choices. I don’t particularly like the durability of the other material.

A fair warning if you are choosing leather. You would need to break them in, just like leather shoes. Breaking in takes a decent amount of time too.

  • Latex: Latex is a fancier material for grips. They are soft but lack breathability. Latex also has a terrible reputation for wearing out easily.
  • Polyester: Polyester is the most balanced material for grips. These are generally cheaper than leather or carbon grips. They get the job done, but aren’t as good as the others.


Most CrossFit equipment tends to share a common trait; they wear out. Durability is a significant factor while buying consumable equipment. Even the Best hand grips will eventually wear out within a few years of regular use.

Poor quality grips won’t last more than a few months. That time will shorten to a few weeks if you are following a high-intensity workout regime. It is always better to buy such things from reputable brands.


Flexibility is one of the most crucial factors while choosing a handgrip. Hand grips need to bend and move with your palm naturally. If the material feels stiff then you would do well to avoid it.

Stiffness signifies poor craftsmanship. The material will break down much faster If it doesn’t bend naturally. You shouldn’t notice any stiffness with carbon or polyester grips. Noticeable stiffness only occurs in poor-quality leather grips.


The flat grip is not the only part you need to check. The wristband also needs to be flexible. You won’t be able to move your wrists naturally if the band is too awkward. Try to check this before buying a grip.

Most brands use velcro or buckles on the straps; some brands use rivets too. The fastening material is inconsequential. What you need to look out for is nimbleness. The wrist straps need to allow you the full range of motion.

Alternatively, you could use athletic tape to hold them in place instead of a strap. But most top brands design their straps in a way that aids athletes. Komplex grip straps help support the wrists, leading to better stability.

4 Best Bear Komplex Grips for Crossfit

So far, I have talked about the qualities of top-tier Grips and their different types. I also covered how to pick a good hand grip. Now, let’s see some examples.

Bear Komplex hand grips are exceptional among the ones on the market. From this, you will get an idea of what sort of standards you should be aiming for.

1. Bear Komplex Carbon Comp Grip

The Carbon 3 hole has historically been my go-to option for grips. These are amazing grips with a lot of hand coverage, and it feels like I actually have a good grip on the bar. I can rub some chalk on my hands and grips and I’ll be good to go on any type of bar. As you can see, here are my grips that I've used for the past several years that I have gotten a lot of use out of and have held up very well:

Bear Komplex 3 Hole Carbon Comp Grip
Bear Komplex 3 Hole Carbon Comp Grip

Carbon material is relatively new on the grip market. It is better than regular carbon fiber because of some special properties that help them be amazingly adhesive. They can cling to any kind of bar, no matter how smooth or awkward they are.

Some claim that additional adhesiveness removes the need for using chalk. That can be very appealing to people who hate chalk can now freely complete their CrossFit WOD's without using chalk.

Stickiness is not the only feature of carbon comp grips. Bear Komplex is very thorough about their product, and from my experience, they try to make everything perfect. The wrist straps are comfortable, and they are designed to stay out of the athlete's way.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest getting a 3-hole grip. Yeah, I know – many people recommend a beginner get the 2-hole grips but I do not agree. I believe the 3-hole grips allow your hands adjust to the feel of the bar a bit easier. If you feel like the 3-hole grips are “too much” (as in, too much material or just very big on your hands) you can switch to a 2-hole grip. An interesting face is that the carbon material will go through a passive molding process as you use them. They will gradually fit your hand better.

Some consider a downside of these grips to be the thickness. Carbon grips are very thin and light. People who are used to using heavy leather might find it hard to adapt.


  • Durable.
  • Good Grip.
  • Comfortable.


  • A bit thin.

2. Bear Komplex Pure Leather Grip

Pure leather Grips are a favorite in the CrossFit community. Almost everyone has tried some type of pure leather grip or strap at some point. I too went through a few pairs of leather grips in the past.

The Bear Komplex pure leather grips are made with the highest quality cured leather. Their designs are optimal for protection and stable grip. Bear Komplex also offers a wide variety of colors on these grips. You no longer need to stick to black leathery color. Now you have the option to choose a color that “fits your personality” 😉 .

Many people who utilize leather grips still believe they are generally more comfortable than the other types. This pair has a buckle system that promises a secure grip. The cuffs are well-designed so you will have access to your full range of wrist movements.

Unlike the carbon comp, this leather grip is NOT sticky. I recommend you always use chalk with these grips. The one downside to this leather grip is the initial stiffness. Just like a good baseball glove, leather grips need breaking-in. This pair is no exception to that rule. The stiffness will go away after you use them for several workouts.


  • High-quality leather.
  • Multiple Color options.
  • Non-impairing buckle.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Needs breaking in time
  • A bit heavy.

3. Bear Komplex Carbon Comp No Hole Speed Grips

This one is one of my recent acquisitions. This carbon grip feels amazing to use. I love the no-hole version because I can have my hands free for all the other movements during a workout. It's much easier to throw the flat grips over the bar and the goal here of these grips is to obviously allow you to not worry about putting your fingers through the actual holes. That means you can easily transition from pullups or bar muscle ups back to a barbell movement without having to mess with your grips. Here's what the no hole speed grips look like on my hands (and my grips are XL):

Bear Komplex Carbon No Hole Speed Grips
Bear Komplex Carbon No Hole Speed Grips

This grip has a high coverage range. The correct size covers my entire palm when I drape it over a bar. These grips are also sticky, so you can use them without chalk if that's your preference. That can save a lot of transition time during a workout.

In essence, this less restrictive design allows people to use their workout time with maximum efficiency. Practically, you don't have to stand around trying to place your fingers in the hole during a mid-WOD transition. The wrist guards are surprisingly stable too and are much softer on the inside than my previous grips.

The only downside to this is the thin material. People who are used to leather grips might find it hard to adapt to this no-hole version. At the very least, it will feel unnatural for the first couple of days.


  • Free movement
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sticky carbon


  • Requires adaptability
  • A plastic buckle (time will tell if this is truly a negative)

4. Bear Complex Black Diamond 3-Hole Grip

These Black diamond grips are another variant of the carbon fiber grips by Komplex. My take on this grip is that it is extremely sticky. Stickier than the carbon comp grips. They offer excellent grip potential with the goal of having to reduce the amount of chalk that is needed.

Black Diamond Grips are made entirely out of synthetic material. You cannot get any vegan leather at Bear Komplex, so this is probably your closest alternative.

Since the material component is 100% synthetic, the Black Diamond Grips were designed for optimal performance during CrossFit workouts. These grips also boasts amazing durability. They perform well with or without chalk. On the contrary, it repels chalk to a certain extent.

The wrist wrap is made out of a reinforced neoprene layer. It feels far more comfortable than leather and is also lighter. The only thing negative about this is that these grips do no have a no-hole version.


  • High-quality
  • Adhesive properties
  • No chalk needed


  • A bit too thin.

My Personal Take On the Bear Komplex Grips

I have been doing CrossFit for approximately 10 years and have used and gone through my fair share of grips. My hands are very rough but oddly tear easily so grips are crucial for me. Plus, I'm a bigger guy so I put A LOT of pressure on my hands. I can confidently say Bear Komplex is one of the best brands I have ever used. I have been using a pair of Bear Komplex carbon comp for a couple of years now. They performed splendidly to this point.

However, hand grips are bound to wear out at some point. Mine started to show signs of extreme wear a few months ago, and there were a few shallow splits on the carbon already. I also got some new inspiration from one of our coaches at the gym to try out a different version of grips.

As I've stated, in the end, I got a new pair of Komplex Carbon No Hole grips. And let me tell you, the feeling of these new grips are fantastic and I'm excited to use them consistenly to see how they hold up. I've only used them a handful of times doing bar muscle ups so I should know about their duability pretty soon. The quality of the material is superb and the plastic buckle does not really seem to be a big deal. The best part is that these things were literally made to hang free on the wrists for fast transitions to not have to mess with the holes in the grips since i don't put my fingers through them anyway.

Why I Think No Hole Grips Are the Best

I have been using various brands of holed grips for a long time. I tried both three and two-holed variants. I HATE the grips that have square holes! Those grips literally rubbed my skin raw between my fingers durin a workout. Plus, WHO HAS SQUARE FINGERS?! Spoiler alert: No one.

My evaluation from my experience till now is that the no-hole grips are better than the holed ones. The primary reason is the extensive freedom it offers. I would get so frustrated trying to take my fingers out of the holes when transitioning from chest to bar pullups to a set of cleans. But not any more! No more fooling with getting my big fingers through those holes that were made for baby sized hands.

Conversely, not putting them back on my fingers makes them easier to manage too. No hole grips naturally solve this issue.

The performance enhancement is no joke because it has literally cut down on my frustration. When it takes me a long time to get to the barbell movement during a workout, I'm already frustrated. The faster you can transition between different sets the better.

That is why the no-hole grips are so helpful. They will dangle on your wrist till you need them. And there is no need to put them on…because you can't.


Remember gymnastic or hand grips are there to protect you from rips and tears while doing CrossFit and other high intensity workouts and movements. They can also prevent calluses, add stability to your wrists, and give you a better grip on the bar. Many people scoff at this small layer of fabric, but the material is high quality and works well. That is why it is crucial to chose your grips carefully.

Bear Komplex grips are also durable and I have personally benefited from them myself. They are more comfortable than regular grips because of the well-built wrist cuffs. So, if you are like me and and do CrossFit, heavy lifter or even a gymnast, get yourself a pair of Bear Komplex grips today.  

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